Consultoría laboral

Labour advisors in Barcelona

Lliteras offers a wide range of services related to labour consultancy, labour advice and other management and administration tasks related to the world of labour services.

  • Labour advice for companies and their workers.
  • Inscription of companies and workers in the General Social Security Plan and special regimes (artists, Sea).
  • Advice, study, drawing up and legalizing all types of work contracts, with special attention placed on bonuses and subsidies.
  • Calculating and drawing up payrolls and social insurance TC/1, TC/2 documents.
  • Calculating and drawing up monthly/quarterly income tax liquidations, annual summary and issuing of earnings reports for workers.
  • Advice and defence regarding fines, strikes and dismissals.
  • Negotiation and participation in labour agreements and collective action.
  • Professionalised assistance before labour inspections, CMAC. and Labour Courts.
  • Advice and processing redundancy schemes (ERE), workforce reduction, modification of work schedules, suspension of contracts, salary reduction, etc.
  • Managing and processing capitalization of the unemployment benefits.
  • Study, calculation and processing of retirement, death of spouse, death of parent, disability, etc. procedures.