Consultoría de Propiedad Industrial e Intelectual

Experts in Intellectual and Industrial Protection in Barcelona

  • Advice on and filing registration of industrial property rights in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office: Trademarks and trade names, Industrial Inventions, Industrial Designs, Semiconductor Product topography.
  • Advice on and filing Registration of industrial property rights granted by supranational organizations with effects at European Community or international levels: Community trademark, International trademark, European Patent, filing a PCT International Patent, Community Designs, International Designs.
  • Extrajudicial and judicial advice and defence of industrial property rights.
  • Advice, registration and protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Advice on protection of multimedia, audio-visual, literary and graphic creations.
  • Advice on private registration of website contents, portals, digital magazines and blogs.
  • Advice on P2P systems and legal public communication of on-line content.
  • Advice and legal defence of intellectual property rights (copyright, literary creations, musical compositions, software, photography).
  • Advice and handling of civil or penal legal proceedings regarding breach of intellectual property rights.
  • Creation and revision of licences and technology transfer agreements.