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All our accounting and advice services are fully computerised, thus offering greater speed and efficiency in our services…


Fiscal Consultancy

Our staff, with wide-ranging experience in fiscal advice and consultancy, enables us to offer top quality professional services


Labour Consultancy

Lliteras offers a wide range of services related to labour consultancy, labour advice and other management and administration tasks related to the world of labour services.


Legal Consultancy

Our legal department is mainly specialized in the rendering of legal services in the areas of Commercial Law – Corporate Law and Civil Law.

Lliteras & Cía: Accounting and legal, tax and labor consultancy in Barcelona

Lliteras & Cía is a consulting office and lawyer firm that has looked out for their client’s needs for over 30 years.

Located in the centre of the city of Barcelona, Lliteras is a consulting office for financial, labor, legal and accounting issues. It is one of the most experimented consulting offices in Catalonia, and whoever puts their trust in it will obtain good and secure results that will meet their needs.

In this consulting office in Barcelona you will find the help you’re seeking in any issue related to taxation and legality.

Our consulting and advisory services

  • Consulting office in Barcelona that focuses on labour, accounting, financial or legal issues, and many other aspects of this jurisdiction.
  • Labour advising in Barcelona for any kind of issue regarding employment law, from hiring issues, collective bargaining agreements, compensations to employees for rights that have been violated, etc.
  • Consulting office in Barcelona that stands as one of the most respectable and trust-worthy of the city. Thanks to their long journey in this area, they have wide experience to advise and provide assessment for any labour, financial, accounting or legal matter.

All services provided by Lliteras & Cía look out for the rights of each and every one of their clients, who guarantee that a good outcome can be expected from any issue.

They are experts in accounting and taxation in Barcelona. All tasks and procedures are completely computerised so the client can keep an eye on all accounting matters managed by this accounting office through the internet. All data is treated with maximum safety and comfort, and immediately.

Besides, this accounting office in Barcelona has the perfect human team, which is honest, professional and capable of using all their experience in the services. They are hired by each client and offer top quality and resolution regarding tax matters.

As an accounting office in Barcelona, we assist and give support to societies, associations, foundations, organisations and individuals in any financial, accounting, labour or legal matter. Since its birth in 1977, Lliteras has focused on offering a top-quality professional service in labour issues for companies.

As an accounting office in Barcelona, Lliteras & Cía is a multidisciplinary firm which is aware of the needs of their clients in comprehensive, entrepreneurial and private consulting. This is why they take part in each and every one of the cases that arrive to the accounting office in Barcelona regarding legal matters. They specialise in:

  • Civil Law
  • Commercial Law
  • IT law
  • Data protection Law
  • Intellectual and industrial property Law

Lliteras is a legal, financial and labour consulting office that specialises in accounting, formed by good and proactive professionals that get fully involved in the causes they take in their law firm in Barcelona.